Friday, August 30, 2013

My Favorite South Paw Friendly Bolt Guns

Recently I opined on 10 Bolt Actions I Would Buy... If They Were Offered in Left Hand and was asked what are my favorite Left Handed bolt rifles currently in production. So, without further delay here is my list in no particular order:

1. Ruger M77
The first deer I ever harvested was with a M77 chambered in 270 Winchester. The M77 is generally heavier than its direct competition but is not too much of a concern if you're only hiking out to a tree stand. Ruger chambers the M77 in twelve different calibers available in left hand and all sport the beautiful Mauser action.

2. Savage Axis
If you're in need of an entry level rifle that will spark that interest in shooting the Axis is not a bad starting point. With one of the lowest price points the Axis doesn't offer the Accu-Trigger that Savage is known for but offers a detachable magazine and top tang safety. The Axis is offered in eight different calibers in left hand.

3. Savage 10FLCP-K
Unlike the Axis the 10FLCP-K comes with some of Savage's more premium features. Fitted with the Accu-Stock and Accu-Trigger this rifle is capable of some very good accuracy with it's 24" heavy, fluted barrel. The Model 10FLCP-K comes chambered in 223 Remington and 308 Winchester.

4. Remington 700 CDL
The 700 is a staple of American hunting and will continue to be for years to come. The CDL model comes with a satin finished walnut stock and is extremely handsome. The only downside may be in only comes chambered in four calibers. Remington also offers a Synthetic stocked model, a heavy barreled Varmint model and a Compact/Youth model.

5. Tikka T3 Lite
The T3 is a fantastic rifle and I cannot speak highly enough about it. These rifles utilize Sako barrels which are renowned for their MOA accuracy. I have a T3 Lite in 243 Winchester which I absolutely adore. You can have these light weight rifles in either blue or stainless finish in twenty-one different calibers. If you need accuracy at an extended range they also offer a Varmint model.

6. CZ 452 American
I own this particular rifle and I'm still very impressed by it.

7. CZ 527 American
The 527 is the only rifle in this list I have not personally fired. I must admit that the only reason I want one is because of how impressed I am of the 452.

8. Browning T-Bolt
I currently have a T-Bolt in 22 Magnum on order and eagerly awaiting its arrival. You can have the T-Bolt in wood or synthetic with either a sporter or heavy profile barrel. Many folks don't like the T-Bolts due too its straight pull actions but that's the exact reason why so many buy them. They come chambered in 22LR, 22MAG and 17HMR.

9. Browning X-Bolt
The X-Bolt is light weight, smooth and fast. Outfitted with a top tang safety this rifle is one of my favorite Browning products. My only criticism is that it's not offered with a synthetic stock in left hand but can be found in a Compact/Youth stock. The X-Bolt can be found in sixteen different calibers.

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