Monday, September 30, 2013

Unboxing the TrackingPoint XS2 Smart Rifle and Freedom Group Involvement?

The TrackingPoint system has seen a lot of interest since it's debut at SHOT 2013. In this video we finally see what $20,000 plus gets you. Jason Schauble, CEO walks us through the unboxing of what has been dubbed the XS2 Smart Rifle.

Back in April of this year Remington released a teaser for their 'Venture X' project which appeared to be a collaboration between Remington and TrackingPoint. I tweeted @TrackingPoint with my congratulations and was informed that they could "neither confirm nor deny the existence or non-existence of said collaboration."

I understand how business works (or at least I pretend to) but I found it strange that they would appear so apprehensive to admit a collaboration when it was so apparent. Well less than a month later they would hire a new CEO. Jason Schauble joined TrackingPoint in May and was formally Vice President of Remington Defense from 2008-2012 and had supervisory responsibility for Advanced Armament Corp.; both companies owned by the Freedom Group. So the question begs asking: Is TrackingPoint a future portfolio acquisition for the Freedom Group (Cerberus Capital)?

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