Monday, November 25, 2013

GLOCK Model 42?

UPDATE ** 01/10/2014**:
GLOCK Officially Announces G42

UPDATE - 01/06/2014:
Check out the GLOCK 42 and GLOCK 41 at our SHOT Show Coverage Collection Point!

UPDATE - 12/3/2013 The ad pictured above is in the January 2014 Issue of Guns & Ammo on Page 17. See picture below:

There is an advertisement floating around the internet that shows a 'Zippo-type' lighter superimposed over the outline of a GLOCK 26 sized pistol. For all we know it could be smaller or even a single-stack. Some of the predictions are that it may be the introduction of a USA made .380ACP pistol for the American market. Others are hoping for a single stack 9MM. The one thing I know for certain is that if this advertisement is real, and that's a big IF, then one of my SHOT Show 2014 Predictions just got thrown out the window. To be clear I cannot find any instance of this picture being displayed as an advertisement or any indication of the new model(s) on their website.

Steve over at The Firearms Blog makes a good point that is actually quite illuminating:
"Secondly, were are the G40 and G41 (Glock model numbers are sequential)?  The fact that there might be three new pistols (G40, G41, G42) may indicate a line of pistols."
 GLOCK will typically release a line of pistols in three sizes; full, compact and subcompact. Steve thinks that these early 40 series may be a trinity of 380ACP's; I don't think so. GLOCK already has a Compact and Subcompact 380ACP chambered pistols; the G25 and G28. Both of these pistols are LEO Only pistols due to BATFE's reading of chicken bones and celestial alignment.

Then what could the G40, G41 and G42 be?
I propose that they are each a single-stack pistol with the following chamberings:
  • G40: 9mm
  • G41: 40S&W
  • G42: 380ACP
This is just a shot-in-the-dark of course. (pun intended) I guess we will just have to wait for SHOT Show 2014 for the full release of information. That's if any of this is true to begin with.

UPDATE: Richard at Guns, Holsters and Gear is reporting that the G41 will be a Tactical-Practical (competition) pistol similar to the G34/35 pistols chambered in 45ACP.

UPDATE: Catalog links
UPDATE 12/24/2013
A couple pictures found their way onto the internet of the Glock 42 single stack .380ACP pistol. They appear to be taken from Guns & Ammo.

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  1. Trade out your 380 for a 45 I I think you are dead on.

  2. First thing I thought, "Well RTB is wrong on that prediction"

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