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Ruger 10/22 Appleseed Liberty Training Rifle: A Vision of Things to Come?

Project Appleseed just got their foot in the door with Ruger. Ruger just concluded a contest to find the rifle design that America wanted to use to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the 10/22. There were several submissions and ten finalist. The winner was announced as Gary from Michigan. The description of his rifle design is below:
Utilizing existing Ruger parts and designs my concept seeks to introduce a practical field rifle that can be used for various rimfire sporting disciplines, such as Project Appleseed and CMP competitions, as well as hunting and informal shooting.
Marlin answered the call of Project Appleseed a while back and started making an Appleseed Liberty Training Rifle built off of their 795 platform. Their rifle comes with Tech-Sights, a web sling and two magazines. The best part is you also get a certificate for free admission to an Appleseed Event.

It looks like Gary's design will take advantage of Ruger's new American Rimfire Stock that comes in youth and full size lengths with your choice of a standard or raised comb inserts. The design features the iron sights from their popular Mini 14/30 rifles and threaded muzzle. The only "custom" feature is the addition of an auto bolt release.

Fred, Appleseed's National Director sent out the following email once Gary's design had won:
Folks, according to the Ruger website, Gary (Michigan) is the Grand Wwinner of the contest to pick a new 10/22 design.  Which means there will be a second Liberty Training Rifle in production in the next six months or so.
Which means a small but valuable additional step in our progress of restoring this nation to the standards of the founders. A new "Rifleman's Rifle" won out over the "takedowns", the "tricked out", the flashy, etc.  
Which means each of you who voted deserves thanks. There were no doubt many non-Appleseeders who voted for this rifle. Many who have not even heard of Appleseed - because the rifle as outlined sells itself to anyone who understands what marksmanship is about. But you guys likely were the ones who put this over the top. And so you deserve thanks. Not so much from me or fellow Appleseeder Gary, although you know we each extend our thanks, big time! - but from the founders of this nation, as each of you took a small action, but one which they would appreciate, and one of great significance for the future. 
We will be following up, talking to Ruger about "special Appleseed Editions" of their new rifle, about marketing not only the rifle, but the concept behind the rifle - that a rifle without skill is incomplete - and that Appleseed can supply the skill. Let's hope this is a good auger for the future! 
Thanks again for helping make this a successful outcome!
FredAppleseed National Director
I already have four 10/22's set-up as Liberty Training Rifles but it appears I will be buying at least one more.

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  1. I agree that this is a good rifle, but "Gary" from Michigan didn't build it. He admits in his submission that it is a "concept." I don't believe it actually exists. If you read Ruger's rules, it had to be a rifle that you customized--not just one you photoshopped.I believe Ruger violated their own submission rules because of the lack of quality submissions. Be that as it may, unless I see "Gary's" actual working rifle, I think Ruger cheated the other submitters. Just a thought. If I'm wrong, please prove otherwise.

    1. I was under no impression that Gary's submission was an actual working rifle and I don't think that should exclude it from the Anniversary Contest. I've seen a lot of 'customized' 10/22's that leave a lot to be desired; likewise, I've seen many that are pretty sweet but don't have much deviation amongst them. I believe that Ruger saw some great possibilities in the finalist they selected (a few did not 'exist') and were not just variations upon a variation. Gary's design fills a niche that current 10/22 models lack and that is good for consumers and Ruger as a company.

    2. I would agree with your statement that it does fill a niche. In fact, they could take it one step farther and do this in their awesome takedown version. However, I think that if Ruger sets clear rules that participants are bound by and operate under in good faith, then they should follow their own directives as well. Trust me--I am not trying to create a tempest in a teacup, but rather commenting on what appears to be a very interesting skewing of the entries. (FULL DISCLOSURE: I did not submit an entry. My 10/22 is pretty much stock with the exception of a scope). Judging by the positioning of "Gary's" entry on the voting page (better chance of being seen and voted on) and the fact that it appears photoshopped, I would just like to know if it does in fact meet the rules.

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