Friday, November 1, 2013

SHOT Show 2014 Predictions

People are already getting geared up and planning to attend SHOT Show 2014; so it's about time to release the SHOT Show 2014 Predictions. My prediction record isn't great but I've scored some hits in 2012 and 2013. Here are my predictions for 2014:
  • Thompson Center will release a heavier barrel contour option for their Dimension Rifle
  • Benelli will introduce a 20ga assembly and extended magazine options for their modular Vinci line of shotguns 
  • Benelli will announce the 'ETHOS'
  • Ruger will announce the SR45c
  • Ruger will announce their new line of pump shotguns
  • Ruger will unveil left handed and heavy barreled American Rifles
  • More threaded barrels
  • Glock will have pistols on display that have remained relatively unchanged since the mid 1980's (no new products)
  • Remington will remove the 770 from their product line-up and focus on the 783 (more calibers)
  • Smith & Wesson will unveil a .45ACP Shield
  • More Green lasers
  • Taurus will continue their re-branding attempts and announce they have bought another Amercian based firearms maker
  • Savage will release an in-house chassis system for their rifles
  • 'NFA' Blitz (suppressors, sbr/sbs)
Do you have any predictions or just anything you hope to see?


  1. Replies
    1. I agree with you. Variations upon variations is getting really old.

  2. S&W M&P 10mm
    Ruger SR40 with 357SIG barrel
    AR makers adopt the LWRCi 6.8SPC mag well dimension as standard
    KAC makes a 6.8SPC carbine
    KAC PDW with pinned 14.5 barrel
    Colt brings back the Python and Anaconda due to "The Walking Dead'

    1. I could see Colt resurrecting some of their revolver production.

    2. where did you find a 357 barrel for the sr40 i've be looking and haven't found one?

  3. Walther introduces .45acp versions of their PPQ and PPX models.
    H&K introduces a striker-fired version of their P30.

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