Tuesday, December 17, 2013

The Most Revolutionary MSR is Coming :: Tease

*UPDATE* 1/14/2014
HERE IT IS: The GII - Revolutionized .308 Win

DPMS has launched a webpage with a count-down clock with the promise, "The Most Revolutionary MSR is Coming; Designed II Dominate. 1/14/2014"

The page is rather empty other than the text and clock but you can sign-up for the email list to get the details as they release them. Check out Designed II Dominate.

Stay Tuned...

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  1. Wouldn't be surprised if they come out with something to play in the SCAR/ACR/Sig 556 marketspace...

  2. I'm wondering if it will be a commercial offering of Remington Defense's R5 Gas Piston System... Time will tell.


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