Saturday, January 4, 2014


This post will act as a 'Collection Point' for all news and will be updated as new information becomes available for this product.

You can read our post about the build-up to this pistol HERE.

1/10/14: GLOCK Officially Announces the G42

Photo via GLOCK :: GLOCK 42 Disassembled

Photo via GLOCK :: G42 - G26

Photo via GLOCK

Photo via GLOCK ::  G42 - G26
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  1. Who are the 5 people that Glock listened to that said they wanted a single stack .380?

  2. The 30S was released at the last SHOT show and u still can't find one. Does this mean that we can buy these in the spring/summer of 2015? The GlockStore said they had a waiting list of almost 40 people and it'd be 6 months, and that's the friggin GlockStore! But now they're building a silly .380 single stack and a new .45 that's long enough for a friggin scope & sling. Grrrrr.... Build some 30S's!

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