Friday, June 6, 2014

HK VP9 :: First Impressions

A few days ago Modern Service Weapons informed us of Heckler & Koch's newest pistol; the VP9. Today I had the opportunity to handle one. My time spent with the VP9 was brief but can share a few observations.
Red Recoil Spring (nice touch)
The trigger is good. I would place its feel between a FNH FNS and a Walther PPQ; with the PPQ being a bit better with a very short reset. The grip is nearly identical (if not the same) as the P30. Located at the rear of the slide, on both sides, are a set of 'ears' or 'tabs'. I assume these are present to aid in slide manipulation and I appreciate them because they remind me of the same feature that some models of the Browning Buckmark have. Unlike other HK pistols dis-assembly is achieved by rotating a lever much like the M&P, XDm and FNS pistols. Once the lever is rotated down there is no need to press the trigger (like Glocks) the slide is removed by pulling it forward and off of the frame.

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