Tuesday, November 25, 2014

SHOT Show 2015 Predictions

I'm pretty happy with my prediction record over the past three years (2012, 2013, 2014) so without further ado here are the predictions for 2015:

  • Introduction of an Over Under
  • Introduction of 20ga Vinci shotguns and assemblies
  • Introduction of Glock model 40 9mm Single Stack
  • More .22LR designs based on the 702 Plinkster
  • Left Handed Model 500's
  • Discontinue several of their bolt action rifles lines and focus on their 'Patriot' rifle
  • Introduction of a Semi Auto Shotgun
  • Convert the LCP to striker (LCPs)
  • R51 will continued to be delayed
  • A line of Polymer Pistols will be introduced
  • Discontinue the 1100/1187 line of shotguns and focus on the Versamax
Smith & Wesson
  • .45ACP Shield
  • Heavy barrels for the Thompson Dimension Rifle 
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What would you like to see?


  1. Ruger - caliber variations of the new 3" LCR

  2. For maximum gun shop hilarity, the Glock 40 needs to be a .22 LR. It would lead to wonderful counter arguments with folks who confuse the designation with the caliber.

    1. You sir, just want to see the world burn.

    2. They should get rid of the whole numeration and call in the Infant Glock.

  3. Wish Henry would come out with a pistol caliber carbine with a loading gate.
    Ruger to reintroduce the 96/44 and make 96/357
    Ruger 6" GP100 w/ruger scope rings
    Remington -Produce an 870 that doesn't show a hue of rust as you unbox it.

  4. Glock: Wouldn't it be funny if they didn't have a single stack 9 for another year? I think the Glock fans would come unglued... again.

    Ruger: If they came out with a STAINLESS semi-auto shotgun I'd be first in line and you're probably right on the LCPs based on the LC9s success.

    Remington: they would be idiotic to try to introduce a polymer handgun line with the R51 still looming as the greatest failed release of any gun in history. No one will buy a new design from them until they make good on the R51. If they know what they're doing they'll take the first 150 production R51 guns, shoot a video of them coming off the equipment and send them directly to all the big writers/YouTube channels to keep. They've got to restore trust and goodwill somehow after screwing up so badly. I don't think they will discontinue the 1100 until they start offering the other models with real wood.


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