Thursday, November 13, 2014

Springfield Armory XD MOD. 2 Sub-Compact

Yesterday I asked if Springfield Armory was Rebooting the XD. Today we have an answer, at least in part; yes. Below is the introduction of the XD MOD. 2 Sub-Compact which would prompt the next logical question: will the full size and compact get the same make over?

Features of the XD MOD. 2 Sub-Compact:
  • Same sights as XDs
  • Double-Stack magazine
  • Capacity: 9mm 13/16  .40 9/12
  • Available in 9mm or .40S&W
  • Grip-Zone Grip: non-adjustable textured surface
  • XD Gear Kit (holster, magazine holster, magazine loader)
  • Posi-Wedge slide serrations (deep serrations)
  • Black and Bi-Tone available
  • MSRP: Black $565 Bi-Tone $599
  • Find out more on Springfield Armory's Website

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