Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Long Range Shooting Handbook - A Range Bag's Best Friend

Like most people that get into shooting I've made several missteps. The ones that I've learned most from were the ones that cost me the most money. This happens to many beginners when they've been bitten by the 'bug'. We go out and buy the gear we think we need instead of what will actually suffice. When I reference cost this applies in a couple of different circumstances. First, you could rush out and buy something cheap which is not sufficient for your use which will inevitably lead to you having to purchase the same thing again (if you didn't learn your lesson) or something else. Second, if you have the means you may just go out and buy the latest wiz-bang product that all the pros use. The problem with the second example is that now you have a piece of equipment that you have no idea how to use properly. These are a few examples of what Ryan Cleckner's new 'Long Range Shooting Handbook' is attempting to address. I subscribe to one of his very first points in the book:
"You won't be able to use it properly if you don't know how it works and before you know how it works, you need to know what it is."
I think many will appreciate Ryan's attention to detail and the interest he has in sharing the knowledge he has acquired. Beyond the book he has also created a website that will act as a resource to complement the book.

This handbook will find a place in my range bag because it is a simple resource that can be referenced easily. Don't confuse this book with any others; everything is laid out so well and there isn't a shred of condescending text between the covers. In fact, I found there is quite a bit of humor sprinkled throughout to my enjoyment.

If you are interested in purchasing be sure to click the link below:
Remember that 25% of the proceeds will be donated to Military Charities. For more information be sure to visit www.longrangeshootinghandbook.com

About the Author:
Ryan Cleckner is a former Army Ranger (1/75) sniper team leader with multiple combat deployments. He is a husband, father, attorney, firearms industry executive, University lecturer, and now, an author. 

Cleckner is a graduate of the premier Special Operations Target Interdiction Course (SOTIC), among other military training courses, and has taught snipers and police sharpshooters from around the world. Ryan has a series of online instructional videos known for their ability to explain complex topics in a simple and digestible way. This book was motivated by the feedback from those videos.

Ryan is currently a firearms industry professional and an attorney. He has been the federal government relations manager for the National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF), a Vice President of Remington Outdoor Company (Remington, Marlin, DPMS, AAC, Dakota, and others), and a voting board member for the Sporting Arms Ammunition Manufacturer's Institute (SAAMI). 

Above all his careers, Cleckner loves to teach. He currently teaches Constitutional Law for the University of Alabama in Huntsville and is using this book as a stepping stone to get back into teaching firearms related material.

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